A map of a part of Earth Land, with the light brown one being Fiore

Earthland è il mondo in cui sono principalmente ambientate le vicende di Fairy Tail e nel quale vivono i protagonisti della storia.




Regno di Fiore

Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Regno di Fiore.

Il Regno di Fiore è una nazione neutrale con governo di tipo monarchico. In essa vi vivono circa 17 milioni di persone ed è situata su una penisola, collegata con il resto del continente ad est.

Città e villaggi
  • Magnolia Station - The transport hub for Magnolia Town
  • Southgate Park - The place where Shadow Gear was found, after Gajil attacked them
  • East Forest - place where Porlyusica lives
  • Hargeon Town - A port town, whose harbor was half destroyed by Natsu
  • Città di Shirotsume - The town where duca Ebaloo and Kaby Melon reside
  • Onibus Town - town, where Natsu's Team were playing in the theater
  • Onibus Station
  • Ghost Lotus Street - A merchant street, even more grand than the Marcanoli Centre Boulevard in Magnolia
  • Oshibana Town - A town where Team Natsu defeated most of Eisenwald's members
  • Oshibana Station - A large train station in Oshibana
  • Clover Town - The place where Guild Masters have their regular meeting
  • Oak Town - Hometown of the gilda Phantom Lord
  • Hosenka Town - A town famous for hot springs and spas
  • Acalypha Town - Hometown of the Love & Lucky Merchants Guild   
  • Freesia Town - Natsu destroyed a church here
  • Tully Village - Natsu destroyed a historical clock here
  • Freesia City - A city with a diverse marketplace [1]
  • Lobinasu City - A small city, where Team Natsu destroyed an illegal magic school [2]
  • Mt. Hakobe
  • Kunugi Station
  • Tower of Heaven (destroyed)
  • Galuna Island
  • National Council Fiore Branch
  • Warth Woodland
  • Red Beach
  • Web Valley (Anime Only)
  • Akane Resort (Anime only)



This is the place where the Magic Council is located. It looks to be a large town.

Land of Isvan

Towns and villages:
  • Gray's home town (destroyed)
  • Ur's town
  • Brago (destroyed)


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  2. Manga di Fairy Tail, volume 9, capitolo 69, pagina 17

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